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Email subscribers want to hear from you

Newsletters, promos, and sales emails

Email marketing for lovely small businesses

You own your email list- it's time you make the most of it

Your customer has subscribed to your emails. They want to hear from you.

So, if you’re getting ready to a launch a new product, or a bestselling product’s coming back in stock, your customers want to know.

And, carefully planned sales email sequences gently build up your customer to be ready to buy from you. All by building brand awareness.

From just one email one of my clients got “a flurry of website visits and sales, and no unsubscribes at all”.

Pretty good, huh?

Like love letters, but more profesh

Why use a copywriter for newsletters and emails?

Rather than your message being lost in social media algorithms, send it directly to your customers’ inboxes.

This could look like a sequence of welcome emails leading up to a big offer. Or, persuasive abandoned cart emails. Or it could be fortnightly newsletters highlighting your latest blog and your latest products.

I’ll work with you on the email strategy, and then you can relax while I do all the copywriting. All you’ll have to do is schedule them.

Monthly retainers

I'll deliver one, two, or four emails to you per month, ready for you to send straight to your subscribers.

A series of emails

As a one- off project, I'll write a full sequence of emails for you. Your reader will be informed, entertained, and ready to buy.

Email templates

If you regularly send emails, you need a solid email template. I'll help you introduce yourself and give the best first impression.

Email marketing is the highest ROI…


Send updates and discounts to your subscribers. Inspire them to visit your website, remind them of your values, and explain what you do. With each email they know and like you a little more.

Sales emails

Get orders from wholesalers and clients without pushy selling. I'll write lovely emails for you or create bespoke templates so you're confident to write them yourself.

Email sequences

From welcome emails, to abandoned cart emails, there are tons of ways automated emails get you more business. I'll write them in your voice to help your customers to act.

Service updates

Order confirmations, dispatch information, and product launches communicated, clearly, consistently, and accurately. Keep your customers in the loop and build trust.
You don’t have to do everything on your own

Email and newsletter copywriting

Most small business owners I work with know exactly what they want to say, but they don’t have the time or confidence to get the words out.

Sometimes they overthink and go round in circles until they decide not to send anything.

Getting a copywriter to write emails for you stops the overwhelm. Just copy, paste, send, and watch the orders come in.

Chuffing lovely businesses

Lovely words, lovely clients

Copywriting and content writing testimonials

Being a copywriter for radical, independent, bold businesses owners is awesome. Check out their kind reviews and click on their name to go see their website.

Bonnie clearly explained the copywriting process up front and led me through each stage. She even included explainer videos with each draft to make reviews super easy. Bonnie really got to the heart of my business and was able to bring my personality into the copy.
Manchester, UK
Working with Bonnie was magical. I had never worked with a copywriter before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When she delivered the blog copy I was truly blown away. She provided a video explanation to show me how to get the most out of the blog and she also provided SEO pointers and anchor links. Highly recommend!
Devon, UK
I was lost for words when reading the first draft of the blog. I was absolutely astonished! I knew it would be wonderful but I was not expecting Bonnie to do so much.
London, UK
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bonnie on my wellbeing blog, and my wesbite copy. She has a friendly consultative style, listens well, and brings a wealth of expertise in SEO copywriting.
Norfolk, UK
I was so impressed with Bonnie's ability to produce such a detailed brilliant blog from a relatively short conversation. I felt a real lift of enthusiasm for my business after working with Bonnie- she just 'got' what I needed!
Teeside, UK
Bonnie is a fantastic copywriter who can take a fairly basic brief and turn it into a wonderful piece of work. Both times I've hired her, Bonnie has delivered fantastic work that is exactly what the client is looking for with absolutely no amends required.
Kent, UK

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Meet your new small business bestie

Bonnie will copywrite the shiz outta those emails

I get a real kick out of helping people, and there are a couple of ways I do that with copywriting.

Firstly, I literally take things off your to- do list. The immediate relief of not having to do that thing which has been hanging around forever is delicious. It’s only ever pure joy to just hand it over to an expert. I love being that person for you.

More than writing copy for you, I love when my clients tell me they’re getting sales or follows or subscribers because of what I’ve written.

Working with me is difference between a basic AF newsletter or order confirmation, and a brilliantly written email which gets great open rates, website visits, and brand awareness.

A Bristol copywriter for Bristol businesses

Writing copy for Bristol businesses is extra special for me since it’s my hometown. And it’s chock- full of gurt lush indie, creative businesses.

But, if you’re an indie, creative business from anywhere else in the UK, that’s absolutely great! I’ve written for businesses all over the UK and I’d love to write for you too.

A guide to email copywriting prices

Investing in small business copywriting and content writing

This bit’s kinda tricky, simply because every project I do is bespoke to my clients’ needs. So, this is just a guide.

To quote for your project, I work out how many days I’ll need to research, write, edit, proofread, and revise your copy. Then, I multiply those days by my small business day rate of £275.

(Hey, just so you know, the UK average copywriter day rate is over £400. I keep my prices lower because I’m mindful of small business budgets and I want to help as many people as possible.)

  • Two newsletters a month £275- £550

    Build brand awareness, highlight your values, and promote your business

  • Two sales email templates £275- £550

    Model emails and templates for you to modify and send to your clients.

  • Five email nurture sequence £825- £1375

    Abandoned cart, product launch, or welcome emails to get you more sales.

Let's get this show on the road!

Your email list is the most engaged audience you have. Let's make the most of it.

Check out the small print

Email copywriting frequently asked questions

I love that you want to get all the information before hiring someone. You’ll find lots of answers here but remember, if you want to know more, I’m only an email away.

Nope! Two reasons:

One: for me to track your which keywords are ranking for your website, I’d need to be added to your Google analytics, and I’d need access to the back end of your website. This is not the kind of client data I want to be responsible for, which is why I send your freshly written copy to you in a Word document, and you can upload it, track it, and monitor it yourself. You can absolutely share the results with me!

Two: super well written SEO copywriting is only one part of the SEO puzzle. Yes, it’s a key puzzle piece, but if you don’t also have a good website, good technical SEO, and good backlinks, you may struggle to rank for the keywords you want to rank for. So, as a copywriter, I can’t be solely responsible for the SEO on your website.

Yes! I start writing when I have received 50% of the agreed fee, but how you pay is up to you.

I’m happy to take three payments of 33%, or two payments of 50%, which is typical. Let’s discuss this in your discovery call.

For Strategy Sessions we can discuss your payment plan before you book. Pop an email to and let me know how you’d like to pay.

Simply, no. This is not something I’m good at or enjoy doing, so I can’t offer this as a service. Everything I write for you will be ready to simply copy and paste, but it’s best for you to keep the access to your website to yourself, or your trusted VA/ website developer.

Kinda, but not really. I price very, very carefully to suit a range of budgets, and so I can keep my business alive. I weigh up exactly what you asked for, how long it’ll take me, my day rate, and how much research I’ll need to do. Then I send you three proposal quotes options for you choose from.

My day rate is £275 for small businesses, and £375 for agencies. The average UK copywriter day rate is £433.

If the quote I send you is too high for your budget, I will not lower the quote unless you lower the scope. This means, for example, doing one page of website copy at a time, or one blog every other month.

Sorry, I’m not your gal. I can recommend some talented designers and photographers for you, but I’m very happy sticking to words.

Check out my recommendations page for all the great small business I love working with.

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