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No pressure mate, but your website is a huge deal

Creative, bold businesses need creative, bold websites

Rank on Google, get found more easily

Bespoke website copy for chuffing brilliant small businesses

Your website is your shopfront.

Vitural, sure. But it needs to be as easy for customers to look around and see your wonderful products as it is for them to walk around a physical shop. 

Copywriting is what directs them, and informs them. It helps them to make decisions, and it helps get you sales. 

That goes for service- based businesses too. Your next client needs just the right amount of detail to think “heck yeah, I need to work with them!”. 

Website copywriting is way too important to just have a go at.

It needs an expert.

The copy on your website are the hardest working words you’ve got. They’re way more important than your Insta bio, or your LinkedIn profile.

They need to be accurate, creative, and pursuasive.

Which a lot is easier said than done, to be honest. 

Let’s get you some precise and powerful website copy and create a super smooth customer journey.  

It’s as simple as H1/ H2/ H3

Lovely SEO website copy as standard

Let’s make it easy for your customers to find you. Sure, Instagram’s pretty, but we all go to Googlen when we want something.  

So, that’s where you have to be. 

It all starts with you and me having a good old chat (on Zoom, unless you live in Bristol where we could meet IRL). 

I want to learn all about you, your business, your values, your goals, and the difference you make to people. 

Then, I get researching, writing, and editing to my heart’s content/ every word is perfect.

Accurate website copy

On- brand vocab, SEO keywords, correct grammar (kinda) and still making it all sound like you.

Creative website copy

Finding the stories in your business is important. Stories are They're persuasive and powerful- and they'll make you memorable.

Persuasive website copy

From product descriptions, to blogs, to headlines- its all about helping your customer make the right decision for them.

The website copy every small business needs

Home page

Grab your customer's attention and help them find exactly what they're looking for, all while comunicating what you do super clearly.

Product descriptions

You want detailed, SEO- packed product descriptions, full of rich, engaging language. They need to striking the balance between accuracy and persuasion.

About page

Possibly the hardest page you'll ever have to write on your website... So I'll just do it for you. The secret is to keep it brief, clear, and focused.

Service pages

Explaining exactly what you do and who you do it for. It's a lot easier said than done, but it's the first step in getting more clients and more sales

Radical, sustainable small business copywriter

For people who love what they do but don't want to write about it

Writing website copy is one of the hardest writing tasks a small business owner can do.

It’s super tricky to make yourself, your business, and what you do sound amazing. 

You’ve got to be accurate, clear, think like your customer, know how to make Google happy, and be persuasive all at the same time. And spell everything right.

It’s why people pay me to do it for them. 

There is nothing as copying and pasting your perfectly polished website copy and hitting “launch” on your website.

Independent UK businesses (who all need SEO website copy)

Lovely words, lovely clients

Copywriting and content writing testimonials

Writing for bold, creative, sustainable businesses is one of the best parts of my job. And, when they’re happy with what I’ve written for them it’s even better. Check out their kind reviews and click on their name to go see their website.

Bonnie clearly explained the copywriting process up front and led me through each stage. She even included explainer videos with each draft to make reviews super easy. Bonnie really got to the heart of my business and was able to bring my personality into the copy.
Manchester, UK
Working with Bonnie was magical. I had never worked with a copywriter before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When she delivered the blog copy I was truly blown away. She provided a video explanation to show me how to get the most out of the blog and she also provided SEO pointers and anchor links. Highly recommend!
Devon, UK
I was lost for words when reading the first draft of the blog. I was absolutely astonished! I knew it would be wonderful but I was not expecting Bonnie to do so much.
London, UK
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bonnie on my wellbeing blog, and my wesbite copy. She has a friendly consultative style, listens well, and brings a wealth of expertise in SEO copywriting.
Norfolk, UK
I was so impressed with Bonnie's ability to produce such a detailed brilliant blog from a relatively short conversation. I felt a real lift of enthusiasm for my business after working with Bonnie- she just 'got' what I needed!
Teeside, UK
Bonnie is a fantastic copywriter who can take a fairly basic brief and turn it into a wonderful piece of work. Both times I've hired her, Bonnie has delivered fantastic work that is exactly what the client is looking for with absolutely no amends required.
Kent, UK

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Your website has to do more than look good

Let's make it super easy for your customers to “get” you

Writing is my favourite thing to do.

If I’ve got an afternoon to myself you can guarantee I be journaling, scribbling ideas into a notebook, or tapping away on my laptop.

If I’m not writing, I’m reading. Or I’m watching a film that was a book. Or I’m listen to Taylor Swift because of the lyrics…

I just freaking love words. 

But I get that not everyone likes words as much as I do. Some people like rock climing, or marathon running, or… bowling. 

Some people just like actually running their business. 

So I get to write for them, and make their business sound amazing. Which means they get more website visits, and more customers, and more sales. 

Copywriting for Bristol businesses and beyond

I’ve lived in Bristol for my whole life (except for a year couple of years of uni and travelling). Living here is brilliant, mainly because of all the indie food places, the historic buildings, and the super inspiring small businesses. 

I don’t want to live anywhere else, but I will happily write for businesses from all over the UK. As long as you’re a sustainable, creative, independent business owner you’re my kinda person. 

A guide to website copywriting prices

Investing in small business copywriting and content writing

This part is kinda tricky. Every copywriting project is bespoke, and every price is different.

If a potential client comes to me with tonnes of research done, a full branding guide, and a super clear brief, that’s more straightforward than someone who hasn’t quite worked out who their target audience is yet. I’ll happily work with both clients, but one is probably going to take more effort than the other, y’know?

To quote for your project, I work out how many days I’ll need and then, I multiply those days by £250. That’s my day rate for small business owners. Even though the UK average copywriter day rate is £390, I’m mindful of bold, sustainable small business owners’ expenses, and I want to help as many people as possible.

Here’s a website copy price guide so you can see if you budget and my services align. I’ll be able to give you a precise quote once we’ve had a chat in the discovery call.

  • A tone of voice and brand guide £500- £750

    Mission statement, brand guidlines, and clarifying how you want to sound

  • Landing page, or home/ about £750- £1000

    Explain who you are, what you do, and how you do it to get them juicy sales

  • Ten website pages £2500- £3000

    Home, about, service pages or product descriptions, research, meta data, all the good stuff

Websites for lovely small businesses

Let's make you fall in love with your website

Frequently asked questions

Website copywriting questions

Investing in your business is a big step, so it totally makes sense you want to find out as much as you can first.

You’ll find some helpful answers here, but feel free to get in touch and ask me anything.

Nope! I’m not able to do this for a couple of reasons.

First of all, for me to track your which keywords are ranking for your website, I’d need to be added to your Google analytics, and I’d need access to the back end of your website. This is not the kind of client data I want to be responsible for, which is why I send your freshly written copy to you in a Word document, and you can upload it, track it, and monitor it yourself. You can absolutely share the results with me!

Secondly, super well written SEO website copy, product descriptions, and blogs are only one part of the SEO puzzle. Yes, they’re a key puzzle piece, but if you don’t also have a good website, good technical SEO, and good backlinks, you may struggle to rank for the keywords you want to rank for. So, as a copywriter, I can’t be solely responsible for the SEO on your website.

Yes! I start writing when I have received 50% of the agreed fee, but how you pay is up to you.

I’m happy to take four payments of 25%, or three payments of 33%, or two payments of 50%, which is typical. Let’s discuss this in your discovery call.

Simply, no. This is not something I’m good at or enjoy doing, so I can’t offer this as a service. Everything I write for you will be ready to simply copy and paste, but it’s best for you to keep the access to your website to yourself, or your trusted VA/ website developer.

I price very, very carefully to suit the budgets of lovely small business owners, and so I can keep my business alive. So, the short answer is no, prices are not negotiable. Especially as the UK average rate for copywriters is £390 per day.

What is negotiable is the scope of the project, i.e., doing one page of website copy at a time, or one blog every other month. I am more than happy to work with you on a payment plan, or to offer another way to help you, like a power hour. Simply get in touch and we can find a way which works for both of us.

Sorry, I’m not your gal. I can recommend some talented designers and photographers for you, but I’m very happy sticking to words.

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