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Freelance copywriting for lovely agencies

Sshhh, don't tell my small biz clients

Copywriting for digital agencies is pretty awesome

Quality copy starts with a strong brief. And, in my experience, agencies are super good at explaining what they want.

Which is why I love copywriting for website design agencies, marketing agencies, and just about any digital creative agencies.

I love that my copy is one small part of an overall campaign, and I get to be part of a team for short time.

Being part of a team means communication is super important. So, I make sure deadlines are met, emails are responded to, revisions are included, and invoices are sent quickly.

It’s my job to make your job easier, after all.

Consider it done

Copywriting: different voices, different audiences, different formats

This is partly why copywriting for agencies is so good- I get to write about different topics, for interesting clients, in a range of different formats. What could be better!?

Want an SEO blog about the manufacture of sensors on electric cars? Sure! Want website copy on ethical pet care? Easy! Want brand messaging and tone of voice for a luxury vegan- friendly paint? Done!

Everything from thought- leadership, to eBooks, scripts, and reports- I love writing in different formats for different audiences.

It all starts with me, you, and a super quick Zoom call, so we can chat about what you’re looking for.

SEO Blogs

I write for SEO as standard, and blogging is one of my favourite formats. It's a true skill to weave in keywords, the best possible headings, and the perfect CTAs.

Website Copy

There's nothing that'll make or break a business the way website copy will. Leave it to me to research, write, and edit. Every word will be in your client's tone of voice.

Bespoke Projects

Sometimes what you're looking for isn't straightforward. Whatever you or your client needs- I want to hear about it. As long as it's words, I'm in.

Branding Docs

I've written everything from internal coms to mission statements, brand guidelines, and in- depth tone of voice guides. Whatever you need, I've got you.

Content and copy for agencies who give a shiz

Years of experience

From a 2:1 English degree, to a diploma from the CMP, and writing for national brands.

Fully flexible

I carefully manage my diary so I can take on work at short- notice, as well as longer- term projects.

Thorough & reliable

You'll only see the copy once I've rigorously researched and edited it, and I always meet deadlines.

In- house or at home

Near Bristol? I'd love to work in house with your team! Or, I'll be happy working at home (in PJs).
Let’s make your clients smile

Chuffing brilliant copywriting, fast

I get that if you need a copywriter, it’s usually fast. Covering holidays, or sickness, or even short- term leave is a hassle to sort out.

So, you need me to jump in, get shiz done, and make your life a little easier.

I can do this because I manage my schedule with longer deadlines for non- urgent projects, super clear feedback deadlines for my clients, and I’ve got a network of super cool freelance writers I can delegate to whenever I’m in demand.

I can do this because I manage my schedule with longer deadlines for non- urgent projects, super clear feedback deadlines for my clients, and I’ve got a network of super cool freelance writers I can delegate to if I’m ever in demand. 

Bold, sustainable, creative agencies

Lovely words, lovely clients

Copywriting testimonials

Being a copywriter for awesome businesses is my dream job. Check out my clients’ kind reviews and click on their name to go see their website.

Bonnie clearly explained the copywriting process up front and led me through each stage. She even included explainer videos with each draft to make reviews super easy. Bonnie really got to the heart of my business and was able to bring my personality into the copy.
Manchester, UK
Working with Bonnie was magical. I had never worked with a copywriter before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When she delivered the blog copy I was truly blown away. She provided a video explanation to show me how to get the most out of the blog and she also provided SEO pointers and anchor links. Highly recommend!
Devon, UK
I was lost for words when reading the first draft of the blog. I was absolutely astonished! I knew it would be wonderful but I was not expecting Bonnie to do so much.
London, UK
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bonnie on my wellbeing blog, and my wesbite copy. She has a friendly consultative style, listens well, and brings a wealth of expertise in SEO copywriting.
Norfolk, UK
I was so impressed with Bonnie's ability to produce such a detailed brilliant blog from a relatively short conversation. I felt a real lift of enthusiasm for my business after working with Bonnie- she just 'got' what I needed!
Teeside, UK
Bonnie is a fantastic copywriter who can take a fairly basic brief and turn it into a wonderful piece of work. Both times I've hired her, Bonnie has delivered fantastic work that is exactly what the client is looking for with absolutely no amends required.
Kent, UK

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Professional, thorough, obsessed with vegan brownies

Meet Bonnie: your new (super flexible/ kinda perfectionist) copywriter

“Super flexible” BTW, because I organise my diary with generous deadlines. That means I have capacity when rush- jobs come in. Smart, right?

After a twisty- turny route through an English degree, travelling and teaching, I very happily landed in my dream job- copywriting.

I’m passionate about getting into the details of writing- grammar, vocabulary, tone- and I care deeply about working with good people. 

I only work with businesses which make a positive difference in the world.

Maybe it’s because I’m one of those earth- loving, tree- planting, vegan- types. Or, maybe it’s because I’m always jumping on planes so I have to counterbalance that wanderlust…

Either way, I’m motivated by creative people seeking to impact people and the planet. If that’s you, then you might just be the travel cup to my oat milk latte.

The Bristol food scene, amirite?

I’m guessing you’re a super cool person who works in a super cool agency and every time you’re in the office, you get a great lunch.

It’s one of the best parts of living in Bristol! North Street, Stokes Croft, Finzels Reach, St Nick’s Market…

So, feel free to arrange a meeting with me IRL so I can swing by and treat myself to a great lunch near your Bristol offices.

And, if you’re not in Bristol, don’t worry, I still definitely want to hear from you. You can tell me the best thing about your city when we chat on Zoom.

A guide to copywriting prices for agencies

I keep my freelance copywriting prices simple

I know you’ve got a budget, and you’ve got seriously tight margins. So, I price my services as competitively as possible.

Ultimately, I love to build relationships with my agency clients. Us getting to know each other, and you knowing you have a go- to copywriter is super important.

So, my day rate is capped at £375 per day. Which is a good bit cheaper than the average UK copywriter day rate of £433.

Agencies tend to want lots of writing, very quickly, accurately written, and super detailed. So, I’ve carefully calculated my day rate to reflect that, and so it’s a fair wage.

Having said that, I still want to hear from you if your budget can’t quite stretch to £375 per day. For ongoing work, for a big project, or for an exciting campaign, I’ll absolutely try to find a fee we’re both comfortable at.

Bonnie + lovely agencies = magic

Ready to find your most loyal and organised freelance copywriter ever?

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your agency questions

Have a good read of the FAQs below, but if you can’t find the answer to your question, I’m only an email away.

There are. I won’t write for:

  • Gambling
  • Tobacco
  • Hunting
  • Farming/ animal agriculture
  • Right wing politics
  • Fast fashion
  • Huge polluting corporations (like, McDonalds, or Coca Cola)
  • Anything generally unethical and gross

Usually, yes. I manage my diary really carefully to allow space for a range of copywriting projects. As well as diary management, I also have a few trusted copywriters in my network I can delegate work to, before I sign off on the final draft. Depending on the deadline and the word count, the rush job might be subject to a rush fee of 25%.

Yes, I will. I generally do not consent to signing one for more than 12 months, however.

Yes, absolutely. I’m happy sign one before or after our first call.

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