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Copywriting case study

Unapologetic, personality- packed website copy for a bold business coach

For Kathryn Monkcom Coaching
Summer 2023
Words by Bonnie
The project

Kathryn is an incredible business and life coach, and she was looking for some fresh website copy for her lovely new coaching website.

"The copy should capture my mission: the forward motion of taking someone from “meh” to feeling excited for their future. Also f*ck the patriarchy!"
The brief

The website was undergoing a total refresh and Kathryn already had the direction of her branding. Designed by her website developer That’s Her Business did some incredible brand design- it was bright, colourful, and created to grab attention. So, the copy had to match the energy and work cohesively.

As well as getting the energy and tone of voice right, there were two overall aims. Firstly, to communicate her new, refined service offering, and secondly, to explain the process of working her clearly and persuasively.

My to-do list
Website home page
About page
Contact page
On-brand tone of voice
Service page- business coaching
Service page- life coaching
404 page
Full FAQs
The approach

To write Kathryn’s copy I began by diving straight into the branding information, summarising the tone of voice, researching her target audience, and checking out her competition.

Once I was fully informed, I created an on- brand word bank, and used various SEO keyword platforms to gather SEO keywords related to coaching, coaching in Manchester, business coaching, and life coaching.

This was the foundation for me to write version one, before sending it off to Kathryn to get her feedback.

The results

As with lots of copywriting projects, version two is the best bit! It’s where I get to refine and polish, and really get to the voice of the client.

Kathryn wanted to dial up the personality of the website copy even more for version two, with more swearing, more energy, and more direct statements.

I shortened sentences, added more swearing, added more on brand key words, and made it even friendlier (AKA: in version 1: “think of me like your friend”, and in version two “think of me like your bestie”.

Project highlights

Nerdy language technique
"[My clients might have] a roaring ambition, or a whispered dream."
I love to use opposites for emphasis and impact. It's a cute little line and it encompasses all of Kathryn's audience: the ones with bold goals, and those with quieter dreams.
Nerdy language technique
"I’ve worked with people from Bristol to Belfast, London to Loch Lomond."
I’m a sucker for a bit of alliteration. It's memorable, it jumps off the page, and it shows attention to detail.
Tone of voice examples
"Your life, your way. Strap in babe, it’s going to be a wild ride."
The tone of voice is friendly, confident, and bold. Just like the branding, and just like Kathryn's business.
On brand vocabulary
"I’ve got a simple mission: helping women take back control of their lives and happiness."
Kathryn's values are summed up in her tone of voice, with carefully- chosen vocabulary to highlight her energy and personality.
"Bonnie really got to the heart of my business. I love so many parts- she highlighted my energy and compassion."

Kathryn Monkcom Coaching

Business and life coaching
Manchester, UK
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