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Copywriting case study

Spiritual, magical, SEO- blogs for a crystal business

For Rock + Realm
Spring 2023
Words by Bonnie
The project

Laura runs Rock and Realm, which is a beautiful, spiritual business selling crystals, incense, jewellery, and home décor.

We’ve worked together a few times now, but it all started with this blog. I wanted to write a guest blog for her website and we settled on a topic all about boosting wellbeing in the new year.

"“I’d love for the blog to cover aspects of wellbeing and self-improvement but keeping rocks, rituals, and remedies as the focus. I’m looking for the blog to sum up everything as ‘mindful wellbeing trends to try in the New Year’”."
The brief

It had to focus on helpful products, but to also highlight supportive, kind rituals.

1500- 2000 word blog, external and internal links, at least 5 social media captions. informative content, with select CTAs, personal presentation video.

My to-do list
On-brand tone of voice
SEO blog
Social media captions
The approach

Laura and I had a great Zoom call where we dug into everything she wanted to represent in her business. I took copious notes (all of which came in really helpful when we worked together again later in the year) and made sure I fully understood what she wanted to achieve with the blog.

Then it was research time! I read up on all the products which were going to be mentioned in the blog and made sure I knew all about the benefits and process of the rituals. I especially took time to understand the cultural implications of some of the products, which I knew was incredibly important to Laura. This meant I could accurately communicate how the items were ethically sourced, causing no harm.

Getting the tone perfectly right in this blog took a bit of delicacy. New Year messaging can be negative, shaming, and focusing on things to change- this is definitely not the vibe of Rock & Realm! The blog needed to highlight supportive, gentle, nurturing solutions for everyone who wanted to boost their mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The results

Laura was delighted with the first draft, and immediately uploaded it to her website. She paired it with some lovely images and it looked fabulous.

She asked me to tweak the conclusion and gave me some superb feedback which I could quickly act on. Laura updated that paragraph on her website once I got version two over to her and boom! The blog was live!

Project highlights

Nerdy language technique
"“Cleansing and clearing negative energy”"
I love a bit of alliteration, and so does Laura, so I weaved alliteration in where I could. The duplicate “cl” sound is a slow sound, and it mimics the slow, peaceful vibes of the blog.
Tone of voice
"“Moving your body gently, kindly, and with love is a huge step away from “going hard” or “punishing” your body in the gym”."
On brand example
"“At Rock + Realm we honour and respect the cultures around the world who practise smudging in various forms. Adopting and adapting aspects of indigenous cultures can be incredibly damaging, from promoting misconceptions to reducing availability of sacred items and driving up their prices. All the natural elements in our smudging bundle have been sustainably, ethically, and mindfully sourced.” "
"Laura told me at the end of the project: “I’m really pleased with what you’ve written, the tone and content is pitch perfect, the product selection is ideal and it sits alongside my other blogs really well. And I love that it’s a lovely long piece too, as I like to promote my blogs on a Sunday morning for an over coffee read”."

Rock + Realm

Crystals, hand crafted home décor, and spiritual wellbeing.
Norfolk, UK
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