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Budget- friendly power hours

DIY your small business copywriting

The help you need, at the price you want

Bespoke copywriting support for your small business

Paying a copywriter to write your website or blogs can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Serious cashola.

And, it is 100% completely worth it. You literally do not have a functioning business without expert copywriting.

BUT. You know, and I know- just because something is important doesn’t mean it’s affordable.

It’s really important to me that I work with everyone at their budget. 

So, until you can invest in some professional website copywriting or blogging, it makes sense to explore some other options.

Just like painting walls in your house, or repairing your car, or cutting your own fringe, you can make things cheaper if you DIY it.

Keep it simple (and get results)

Expert copywriting strategy and audits

You and I will have a lovely 2- hour call together. But, you actually a whole day of my time, energy, expertise, and advice.

Before we meet, I’ll research your business, industry, and SEO keywords. Then, with my ideas and experience, I’ll create a detailed strategy for you to follow. In our meeting, I’ll go through the plan with you, and we’ll create your bespoke strategy together.

You also get a month of email support where you can follow up with questions, clarifications, and even ask me for some feedback on your writing.

Feel confident

You’ll have so many ideas- mine and yours- you’ll be excited to write your own copy.

Reduce overwhelm

You’ll be supported for a whole month, and you’ll have a super clear plan to help you focus.

Clear direction

You’ll know exactly what to do, step- by- step, to create the great content you need.

Super affordable

You'll be able to DIY your copy at a fraction of the cost of a full professional service.

Expert support, DIY budget

Website Audit

I’ll go through your existing copy with you, word by word. I’ll help you clarify your message. Together, we’ll make your customer journey as smooth as possible. From headlines to CTAs, I’ll help.

Blogging Strategy

My experience and your business, combined in one super helpful SEO blogging strategy. You’ll feel confident and clear to write your own blogs. And, you get a month of proofreading support, too.

Presentation Support

I taught English for 10 years, and I literally taught teachers how to teach. So, I’m chuffing brilliant at creating and delivering presentations. I’ll help you refine and polish every part of your talk.

Copywriting Mentoring

Whether you’re interested in a copywriting career, or you’re already a copywriter but need some guidance, I’ll help. You have two hours of my time to ask advice on clients, craft, and context.
The (affordable) help your biz needs

Copywriting on a budget

The strategy sessions I’ve created are perfect for small business owners, sole traders, creatives, and anyone who’s managing their marketing for themselves. The Website Audit, Blogging Strategies, and Presentation Support Strategy sessions are all designed to help you exactly where you struggle. 

My mentoring sessions are ideal for early- career copywriters, or copywriters who need some quick answers in relation to skills, clients, or a specific project.

I can help you if you:

  • Love writing but can’t get past the blank page
  • Love writing but you either have no ideas or too many
  • Wish you had someone to talk things through with
  • Are overwhelmed by impostor syndrome or just stuck
  • Are baffled by acronyms- wtf is a CTA? SEO? H1 or H2?

Sustainable small biz clients

Lovely words, lovely clients

Copywriting and content writing testimonials

Writing for bold, creative, sustainable businesses is one of the best parts of my job. And, when they’re happy with what I’ve written for them it’s even better. Check out their kind reviews and click on their name to go see their website.

Bonnie clearly explained the copywriting process up front and led me through each stage. She even included explainer videos with each draft to make reviews super easy. Bonnie really got to the heart of my business and was able to bring my personality into the copy.
Manchester, UK
Working with Bonnie was magical. I had never worked with a copywriter before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When she delivered the blog copy I was truly blown away. She provided a video explanation to show me how to get the most out of the blog and she also provided SEO pointers and anchor links. Highly recommend!
Devon, UK
I was lost for words when reading the first draft of the blog. I was absolutely astonished! I knew it would be wonderful but I was not expecting Bonnie to do so much.
London, UK
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bonnie on my wellbeing blog, and my wesbite copy. She has a friendly consultative style, listens well, and brings a wealth of expertise in SEO copywriting.
Norfolk, UK
I was so impressed with Bonnie's ability to produce such a detailed brilliant blog from a relatively short conversation. I felt a real lift of enthusiasm for my business after working with Bonnie- she just 'got' what I needed!
Teeside, UK
Bonnie is a fantastic copywriter who can take a fairly basic brief and turn it into a wonderful piece of work. Both times I've hired her, Bonnie has delivered fantastic work that is exactly what the client is looking for with absolutely no amends required.
Kent, UK

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Helping people is my favourite thing*

Meet Bonnie: qualified, experienced copywriter

(*Maybe apart from brownies and lie- ins.

I care about making sure every business owner has chuffing brilliant copy. Either by writing it for them, or by helping them write it for themselves.

Good copywriting is the difference between strong sales, loyal customers, consistent traffic, high followers, return customers and… tumbleweed. I get a real kick out of creating copy which make good things happen.

I’m a problem solver. So, I can help you wherever you are financially.

Free support

I write my own helpful blogs and create social media content on Instagram and LinkedIn which is packed full of value. Everyone can access the tips and advice for free.

Low- cost support

I offer power hours and strategy sessions to support business owners to DIY their copy. I enable early- career copywriters and business owners to write for themselves with specific and targeted advice.

Full support

Done- for- you copywriting services where I write your website copy, sales copy, blogs, emails, and ecommerce copy to get you the business results you need.

Copywriting support in Bristol, copywriting support on Zoom

Living in Bristol is awesome, but it kinda doesn’t matter for these DIY services. You and I will work together on Zoom, and you get a recording of the time we spend together.

It all starts with you choosing the service you need. Once you pay for your session, and choose your appointment time, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill in. 

Once I know exactly what you need, I’ll research your business, research your competitors, research your industry, and start building a bespoke support plan.

During our call, you and I are going to collaborate. This might be:

  • Going through your website copy section- by- section
  • Me teaching you to write an SEO blog
  • Supporting you through your presentation
  • Me simply generating lots of ideas for you to use in your business marketing


You can also ask me questions so you’re super clear on how to DIY your copy.

After our call, I’ll spend the rest of the day completing and polishing your plan. I’ll send it to you ASAP, and you’ll be writing for your business in no time.

I’ll also be available to you via email for a month. You can send me your copy for me to check or run more ideas by me. You’ll feel supported and confident throughout the whole process.

How much does copywriting support cost?

Copywriting and content writing support sessions

I keep things simple AF. One day of my time, one price. £275.

This is my small business day rate (which does go up every 6 months or so) and it’s deliberately affordable. The UK average copywriter day rate is £433.

Simply click on the service below to pay for your slot and choose your appointment.

  • Website Audit £275
  • Blogging Strategy £275
  • Presentation Support £275
  • Copywriter Mentoring £275
The support you need, affordably

DIY copywriting and content writing

Frequently asked questions

Ecommerce and retail copywriting questions

Of course you want to get all the information you can before you make a decision about investing in your business. You should find all your answers here, but feel free to get in touch and ask me anything. 

Yes absolutely! I’ll send you the full Zoom recording after we meet, along with any documents and research I have for you.

It’s the most straightforward way! I also want to avoid having space in my diary taken up and then having a no show. I need a little commitment from you before I give you tons of valuable advice and support.

There are. I won’t write for:

  • Gambling
  • Tobacco
  • Hunting
  • Farming/ animal agriculture
  • Right wing politics
  • Fast fashion
  • Huge polluting corporations (like, McDonalds, or Coca Cola)
  • Anything generally unethical and gross

Usually, yes. I manage my diary really carefully to allow space for a range of copywriting projects. As well as diary management, I also have a few trusted copywriters in my network I can delegate work to, before I sign off on the final draft. Depending on the deadline and the word count, the rush job might be subject to a rush fee of 25%.

Yes, I will. I generally do not consent to signing one for more than 12 months, however.

Yes, absolutely. I’m happy sign one before or after our first call.

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