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Bonnie, a white woman with long dark hair, is standing facing the camera, smiling, with a turquoise travel mug of coffee in her right hand.
Copywriting Tips
How to write about sustainability without greenwashing: 6 important tips a small business owner needs to know
An overview shot of a funky chai latte in a turquoise cup and saucer. There's a wooded table top. There's a corner of a black laptop on the left and a stack of notebooks on the right. The notebooks are green, teal, and purple. Just imagine we're about to sit down to a discovery call!
Copywriting Tips
4 ways to be super ready for a discovery call as a copywriter
A close up of a green notebook with an iphone on, the iphone has a purple case, there is a hand (Bonnie the copywriter's left hand) holding a purple pen as if she's about to write. You can see her turquoise fingernails.
Copywriting Tips
So, you’ve booked a discovery call with a copywriter… Now what? 4 super quick things you need to know
A white table top with a bunch of stuff you'd find on a desk. A pile of notebooks one purple, and two blue, two cacti, a purple pen that looks like a pencil. and a cup of tea in a turquoise cup.
Copywriting Tips
Copywriter Feedback: How to be clear, helpful and effective (so you get the results you want)
Copywriter Bonnie is standing in front of a stationery shop which is painted bright purple. Bonnie is a white woman with long dark hair. She's holding a turquoise travel coffee cup.
Blogging| SEO copywriting
Small business guest blogging for SEO backlinks- is it worth it?
Copywriter Bonnie is sat in front of a laptop smiling. Bonnie is a white woman with long dark hair and chunky black framed glasses. She's probably writing an SEO blog for a copywriting client.
6 tips to actually write a good SEO blog for your small business
Bonnie, a white woman with long brown hair and black- framed glasses is looking away from the camera and drinking coffee from a turquoise cup.
Website Copywriting| SEO copywriting
6 common website copy problem areas and how to fix them (according to a qualified copywriter)
Copywriter Bonnie is standing in front of a wall of graffiti in Bristol. The wall is covered in large geometric shapes in purple, teal, green, turquoise and dark blue. Bonnie is a white woman with long dark hair, wearing a black coat.
4 Super Fun (and Easy) Blog Types for Your Small Business
Behind the Scenes
How to set targets for your small business (and how a copywriter can help)
Copywriting Trends
What exactly is a copywriter? 10 things you need to know as a small business owner
Blogging| Copywriting Trends
What’s the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?
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