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Copywriting case study

Engaging SEO blogs for an ethical jewellery business

For Pearls + Pomegranates
Summer 2023
Words by Bonnie
The project

Natalia is the founder of the wonderful Pearls and Pomegranates, an ethical jewellery platform, where wonderful independent jewellers can showcase and sell their incredible creations.

I was lucky enough to write for her quite a few times, including website copy pages about sustainability, a jeweller directory, and describing collections of jewellery, as well as SEO blogs.

"I need a blog which explains "sustainable jewellery". Sustainability means so many different things for different people and it'll be helpful to my audience to have these definitions."
The brief

For this project, I wrote some blogs for Pearls + Pomegranates which were optimised for search engines, packed full of helpful content for her readers, and full of external and internal links to irresistible products.

The blogs were around 2000- words each blog, at least 5 social media captions, and persuasive calls to action.

My to-do list
On-brand tone of voice
SEO blog
Social media captions
Full proofreading
The approach

It was so dreamy to work with Natalia so many times, especially because I got to know the brand, the values, and the tone of voice really well.

This means the research process was much more straightforward, and faster (win for me, win for Natalia!). I already knew the competitors and the industry, and Natalia shared that “sustainable jewellery” should be the focus SEO keyword.

I did some tangential SEO research, and I made sure all information about mining, manufacturing, and distribution of jewellery was correct in the blog. I made sure to include lots of quality external links for backlinks, and authenticity.

The results

In this case, there were no edits or amends from Natalia and the blog went straight onto the website. It’s a testament to the benefits of working with a client for a longer period of time- the longer the relationship, the fewer the edits.

Project highlights

Nerdy language technique
"What is fair-minded gold and silver jewellery?"
Using questions in headings is great for two reasons, 1) its great for SEO as people tend to google whole questions, and 2) it’s super helpful for the structure of the blog to have a question as a heading, and then the following paragraph answering that question.
On brand vocabulary
"Now you’re armed with all the facts about sustainable jewellery, you're empowered to make a choice that’s right for you, and for the environment."
Look at the vocabulary here- "armed", "empowered", "choice"- they're unapologetic, bold, radical. Pearls + Pomegranates approaches sustainability and the jewellery industry with the strongest of values and aims. The language here really highlights that with the on- brand keywords.
"I'm lost for words! I'm absolutely astonished - thank you so much. I knew it would be wonderful, but I was not expecting you to do so much."

Pearls + Pomegranates

Sustainable, handcrafted jewellery
London, UK
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