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Gurt lush words for your small business

Copywriting and content writing for bold businesses in Bristol

Psst, do you need a freelancer, like, yesterday?

Freelance copywriter for creative digital agencies

As much as I love copywriting for small business owners, I equally love copywriting for digital agencies.

Me, writing for businesses which do good on a national, sometimes even a global, level?

Hell yeah!

Also, you guys write killer briefs, which just makes my job so much better.

Whitepapers, website copy, SEO blogs, whatever you and your clients need, I got it.

What the chuff happpens?

Working with a copywriter

What my clients want, what they really, really want*, is a successful business. 

Working with a copywriter means your messaging is clear, accurate, and written for your audience. In practice this might be fresh website copy, or scheduling six SEO blogs at once, or uploading persuasive product descriptions.

(*Yes, this is a Spice Girls reference. Zigazig ah.)

Step- by- step support

It’s my job to guide you through the project, listen to what you want, and create the copywriting you need.

Serious about small business

Independent businesses are (usually) run by people who give a shiz. These are the people I love to work with.

Outsourcing, success, and self- care

No one can do it all AND do it well, no matter how amazing you are. Enter: copywriter.

Lovely words, lovely clients

Words by Bonnie copywriting testimonials

Check out these kind reviews and click on their name to go see their website.

I was lost for words when reading the first draft of the blog. I was absolutely astonished! I couldn't wait to get it on my website.
London, UK
Bonnie is a fantastic copywriter who can take a fairly basic brief and turn it into a wonderful piece of work. Both times I've hired her, Bonnie has delivered fantastic work that is exactly what the client is looking for.
Kent, UK
I'd highly recommend working with Bonnie. She wrote an SEO blog for me with an on-brand tone of voice and content which will appeal to my customers.
Belfast UK
I was so impressed with Bonnie's ability to produce such a detailed brilliant blog from a relatively short conversation. I felt so positive after working with Bonnie- she just 'got' what I needed!
Teeside, UK
Bonnie wrote a series of SEO blog posts which were well written, on brief, on time, and thoroughly researched. They were immediately published on the website with no editing needed, and we were very impressed.
London, UK
Working with Bonnie for my product descriptions was excellent. She made the whole process so easy, followed the brief completely, and everything she wrote sounded like me. I'll definitely work with her again.
Bristol, UK

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Giving a shiz about people and the planet

Copywriting for bold, sustainable UK businesses

My clients are busy, they don’t like writing much, and they want results from their copy. Sound like you? Lush!

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Bonnie: friendly Bristolian word geek

Meet your new (proper good) copywriter

Two things seriously motivate me: helping people (you) and doing things I enjoy (writing).

(In all honestly, I’m also motivated by vegan brownies, but that’s not super relevant here.)

I get a real kick out of my words helping you reach your business goals and meeting radical small business owners.

I know my shiz
  • A 2:1 English degree
  • A diploma in Copywriting (inc. SEO) from CMP
  • Introduction to Copywriting course from City University
  • Ten years of English teaching, including as a GCSE examiner
  • Copywriting and content writing since 2017
  • Additional CPD training, usually twice- monthly
I want to make the world a better place

Copywriting for positive change

I work with small business owners and creative agencies for lots of reasons.

Like me, they’re bold and socially conscious. When they look at the state of the world, they feel a mild but persistent state of panic.

I try to reduce that panic and make the world a better place in my own small way.

I live sustainably, get the bus, buy second- hand clothes, plant trees, upcycle furniture, and I’m vegan.

I’m learning all the time how to be the best LGBTQ+ ally I can, I’m educating myself on accessibility, and understanding my role in a white supremacist society.

Do I have all the answers? No.

Am I perfect? Hell no.

But I try, and I really love working with other people who are trying too.

Creative, radical, bold businesses

Chuffing good copywriting for brands, and businesses, who give a shiz

A small business blog written just for you

Detailed AF copywriting and content writing blog

From ‘how to write an amazing ‘about’ page for yourself’, to ‘everything I learned in my first year as a freelancer’. Even, ‘what the heck even is a copywriter?’. Find it all on the blog. Updated weekly-ish.

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